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Jokerthis Designs is a graphic company specialized in graphic design within the motorsport industry.

Fueled by a team of racing enthusiasts and with 8 years of experience, we can help you or your business with a wide variety of services such as logos and visual brand identity, branding, race liveries, apparel, artworks and much more.

Born in 2015 in a small French town with the objective to bring a new wave to design & art in the industry, we now have worked with numerous race teams and pro drivers from all around the globe and continue to expand.


From grip racing to rally and with a huge insipiration for the golden era in Japanese drifting, we have sharpened our tools both in terms of pure artistic skills and knowledge to make any project come to life.

Growing in the French mountains allowed me to experience motorsport at a very accessible level before living the full experience of going to 24H endurance races which is completely different from a local hill climb race.

With that in mind and from a young age I was able to slowly define a style and a personality in the art fields to create a company that would offer something that has never been seen in the sport.

Today and after 8 years of experience the goal remains the same : Innovate and offer the best experience possible to any client that chooses to work with us.

Dylan – CEO & Artist






Fill out the form below with all the information you can provide regarding your project, your ideas/references and the type of job we will be comissioned to work on. provide as much detail as possible

Once the form has been sent out and we got all the info we need to move further, a member of our team will reach back out with an accurate quote for the project.

During this part we will be going back and forth on all the ideas you have in order to build an accurate mood board. THis way we will be able to evolve and create something that really fits the theme and the style you are looking for the project.

Now the real work starts. During this process and just the same as the phase before we will be going back and fourth but this time on the design to make sure we are on the right path.
Everything is made from scratch here at Jokerthis Designs and you will be notified of the progress on each step of the way.

The final part will then be the preparation of the final vector files and images once the whole design is approved.

Each price varies from one project to the other. The reason being that not all projects require a huge amount of details. To give a better experience we adjust the price depending on your needs and requirements.

In order to secure a date in the schedule a 50% deposit will be required. The final payment is due at the end of the project once you are fully satisfied with the work done.

Contact us

Whether it’s a small question or a project inquiry feel free to reach out by filling out the form below and we will get back to you as fast as possible.