Jokerthis Designs is a graphic company specialized in graphic design within the automotive field.

Jokerthis Designs can help you or your business with a wide variety of services such as logos and visual brand identity, branding, race liveries, apparel, artworks and a lot more.

Started in 2015 by a racing enthusiast in France with the objective to bring a new wave to racing designs, we have worked with numerous race teams and pro drivers from all around the globe.


From grip racing, to drifting without forgetting the roots such as rally racing, we have the experience and knowledge to make your dream design come to life.

Understanding and learning about what the client is after and create something unique and personal is mandatory, this is why nothing leaves the LAB until it’s fully finished and perfect from the eyes of everybody involved.

Whether you’re a prototype top team or a privateer, creating an identity is important if you have sponsors or just want to stand out on the track.



Whether it’s a livery project or a visual identity our main goal is to understand your needs and what your are looking for.
This starts by having a talk and get to know your inspirations for a potential project.


The key to success when it comes to design is research. We spend countless amounts of hours searching for pictures of cars/liveries/designs to create the most accurate render possible. The more informations the better in this case.


With all the informations provided from the past steps I’m good to start the project.
Everything is made from scratch by myself only and even though this process might be time consuming I am always doing my best to get it done as fast as possible without penalizing the work quality.

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